Church Suppers

I’ve been thinking about, for sometime, getting more active with this blog. My original thought was to use it to record an uncommon way of life and that is still my predominant intention. I have not pursued that intention really, with any consistent activity, and have mostly used this blog to participate in the annual Blog Action Day event, coming up in mid-October. I intend to post a blog again this year.

There won’t be any photos, though I think they would have been a great addition to this blog. I have been thinking about that also. Photos give the eyes some visual candy to help the wordy stuff go down better. It was on our drive to an annual “church supper” fundraiser yesterday that my mind was caught up in the realization that the event would be great in pictures. I did have my iPhone 5 with me and considered that but for now I stayed my inclination, it felt “intrusive” somehow but maybe I will grow into it.

Our closest neighbors belong to a humble, little rural country church, a Methodist associated religion, called Rhodes Chapel. For most of the 25 years that I have lived here, we have gone most years to participate in their fund raiser, though we have missed a few. So, first we went with my in-laws, then we added children to our family, then my in-laws left us and so, now it is my husband, my self and our boys.

They serve fried chicken (they have a little enclosure out back to cook in) and dumplings, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn and a few other sides along with ice tea and lemonade. The dinner cost us $8 for adults (of which my oldest son now belongs to that category) and $5 for children. There are homemade desserts – pies and cakes – as well. I ate too much, even though I took small servings.

After supper, they have a quilt auction. We usually look at the quilts before leaving. I always looked for the traditional quilts, pieced together in traditional patterns, from scraps of fabric. My favorites are generally the tiny floral and patterned kinds of scraps. Some of the quilts are modern printed material, batted and embroideried and well “quilt” stitched. There was one like that with a Buck Deer and Doe embroidered over the print.

We have stayed for some of the auction, in the years that my in-laws were alive. It is a “true” auction with a fast talking auctioneer and pointing at people who fidget in the least. It always amazed me, the prices the quilts would fetch. $100, $200 and more sometimes. This is not a wealthy church nor people with a lot of disposable income. It is quite humble in size and décor and it is a “family-run” church to a great degree. The family that our closest neighbors are part of and why we go to be supportive of their fund-raiser.

We are always at the end of supper serving time each year and so, we go the fastest route, over the one-lane, cement bridge that the Castor River (tiny yesterday – raging when it floods and closes the road) flows over. We always take the “long-way” home, past the natural artesian well that still flows and was once crucial to early farmers and pioneers in the area. The water is sweet with minerals and very cold.

We pass Denman stables on the way to Marquand. They always seem to be ending a day-long trail ride as we pass the place after a Rhodes Chapel supper on a Saturday evening in mid-Autumn.

These are some of the things I love about living in rural isolated wilderness, long-haul community, simple pleasures and basic living . . . maybe next year, I’ll take some pictures of all this.


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8 Responses to “Church Suppers”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What a lovely description of rural church suppers, Deb. It reminded me of the Little House on a Prairie series, as well as attending the suppers in my childhood in lower Michigan. The churches also used to have Mother-Daughter banquets every May. My mom said they don’t have them anymore. Precious times…

  2. Alluvja Says:

    Hi. I’m happy I finally got your blog without any problems or issues that I had to sign in as a member. Downside is I see these terribly distracting ads.
    I have several friends using WordPress but I don’t see anywhere these pictures of ads. They are quite disturbing,
    Oh I just read that they are not visible to readers who are logged in and free add blogs cost 30 dollars a year.
    Ah well just letting you know that the pictures are right under your text so at first glance it looks like tyhey’re part of your blog. May be it helps if you either put your own pics at the end or have a few more empty paragraphs before publishing. perhaps the ads will show up lower on the page then?

  3. Alluvja Says:

    really weird, the ads are gone now! They just evaporated Lol

  4. debyemm Says:

    The ads are something new since last year. I did not see the same warning that I got this year about the presence of ads for “some” readers, though I didn’t see any myself to judge them but I think I have seen them on other blogs elsewhere at the bottom.

    Well, maybe someday, I’ll actually “pay” to have the blog; and save readers not logged into WordPress, like you Alluvja, the frustration. My regrets but thanks for reading.

    So kind of you to drop in too, Kathy !! Yesterday, it occurred to me that the city churches may have their “suppers”; but somehow, the natural setting of farm and wilderness makes this particular experience feel very close and intimate. Something that traffic and tall buildings might not reproduce exactly.

  5. Kyusoku Bihaku Says:

    important to keep the spirit and never give up man! 😀

  6. Forest So Green Says:

    I just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading the post with no photos, Annie

    • debyemm Says:

      Hi Annie,

      So nice to meet another forest dweller this way. I signed up to follow your blogs. Enjoy the colorful season, I’m certain I will.


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